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Best Precision Turning Services in Hand

Precision turning plays an important role in any manufacturing industry. These are also considered to be the most important and base materials that make a manufacturing product to work effortlessly. There are hundreds of precision turning parts used in the industry these days. Therefore, when you are in need of these parts, it is very important to choose the right supplier. Although there are many suppliers operating in the market today, only some are able to provide the best quality supplies. Beeantah Industrial(M) Sdn. Bhd is also one such experienced and trusted precision turning parts supplier operating in the market today, who is able to provide the best quality products at affordable rates. Due to these factors, we have also earned a lot of popularity in the market. Since the establishment of our company in 1989 in Malaysia, we are able to offer some of the best quality manufacturing products and materials for our customers.

Apart from the normal precision turning parts, we at Beeantah Industrial(M) Sdn. Bhd are also specialized in offering CNC Precision machining supplies for our customers. We understand the real needs and demands of our customers and provide supplies. Apart from the supplies that meet the company standards, we also offer customized products for our customers. We also have Precision Turning Specialist in our company, who will ensure to offer you the best quality parts that suit your needs. You will not just find the best quality precision turning parts and machining parts, but also plastic parts and hardware in our company.

We at Beeantah Industrial(M) Sdn. Bhd is supporting our customers in various industries like aerospace, medical, automotive, semi-con, consumer electronic etc. You will be able to find wide range of machines provided by our company that include cam auto lathes, double spindle as well as other low and medium volume parts. Therefore, next time when you look for a precision machining component for your company’s needs, you just have to get in touch with our experts. They will guide you and ensure that you obtain the best quality products for the money you invest.

As we understand the fact that Precision Machining parts plays an important role in the production of all industries, we will provide you a guarantee that you obtain the best quality products and services from us. All you have to do is to get in touch with our experts and order your parts.

  • Turned Part 1

    turned part 1

  • Turned Part 2

    turned part 2

  • Turned Part 3

    turned part 3

  • Turned Part 4

    turned part 4

  • Turned Part 5

    turned part 5

  • Turned Part 6

    turned part 6

  • Turned Part 7

    turned part 7

  • Turned Part 8

    turned part 8

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    turned part 9

  • Milled Part 1

    milled part 1

  • Milled Part 2

    milled part 2

  • Milled Part 3

    milled part 3

  • Milled Part 4

    milled part 4

  • Milled Part 5

    milled part 5

  • Milled Part 6

    milled part 6

  • Milled Part 7

    milled part 7

  • Milled Part 8

    milled part 8

  • Milled Part 9

    milled part 9

  • Milled Part 10

    milled part 10